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It's so pretty!! I was actually thinking if I should really get one, but I'm glad I did cause it feels so luxurious!! The wallet is a bit thick but it's easy to get used to its presence.

One of a kind

Love how the grained leather feels! What a convenient and functional product!

love how the leather is wrapped at the sides

I have always been using leather phone cases and have bought many from different sellers. However, they all ended up with the case breaking open on the sides. Later, I accidentally discovered that Macarooon uses a "leather-wrapped edge" method for their phone cases, which the leather is wrapped inward by hand to the backside. The attention to detail is remarkable, and the price is not even that high (compared to other brands with cases that break open). This kind of thoughtfulness is highly recommended!

There are also many color choices available, so you can definitely find a practical and beautiful leather phone case at Macarooon! PS. After installing the phone case, the frame of the camera lens is slightly higher than the lens itself and fits very tightly. I suggest not using a full lens protector (as it will produce bubbles).

feels better than expected, and isn't as bulky as other anti-drop phone cases. girlfriend says she wants one too seeing my phone case.

The actual case is as beautiful as shown in the photos. Love it, thank you!

Happy shopping

It's so beautiful and the leather has a great texture. The iphone case is fully wrapped and shockproof, well worth the price!☺️

Very happy with the purchase

Dispatching was fast

The phone cases look super nice and the customer service was also very kind and polite. Will definitely come back in the future.

As good as expected

Received my order and glad to know it is as good as what I expected. Leather has a nice touch, and the phone case fits perfectly with the phone. After-sales service was also good - problems were quickly resolved with a friendly attitude. Highly recommended!

I usually don't bother leaving reviews, but this one is just too good. Love that they have a rich color selection, and all of these colors are quite classy. Quality of leather is good. The gold buttons and lens frame feel particularly good. Hot stamping was also done beautifully 😆👍🏻.

The actual product is even better than the pictures.
Phone case in black looks the best with an iPhone in black for sure


Nice leather and color!

I gave it to my boyfriend as a gift and he really likes it. The actual case has a great texture, and the dark green color goes really well with the gold edges. The leather feels very comfortable to the touch. Hope that the gold frame won't fade.

Would love to see the personalization available in debossing other than gold foil hotstamping

Fits well to my airpods. Quite good.

Leather has a nice touch and looks really nice. Communication was also comfortable and efficient.

I bought one in the color rose and it looks great. Fits the phone pretty tightly. Not sure if I could wipe it with alcohol. Wish there is a pink even lighter than the current Rose.

Exceeds my expectation!

I used to be someone who preferred using my phone without a case, but as phones get bigger, it becomes harder to hold them properly. I started to feel worried, especially when I go outdoors to take pictures. However, I couldn't find any phone cases that I liked in the market. One day I came across this brand and I set my eyes immediately to this phone case. When I received the actual product, it exceeded my expectations. Looks super nice and has an excellent quality. Love it!

Nice texture! I really like it~

Love the quality of the leather and craftsmanship. Was wrapped nicely in a gift box so it;'s a great gift choice.. beautiful!!

pretty and practical case

Efficient! There is an almost unnoticeable scratch on the side but doesn't bother me at all. Overall happy with the purchase.

My second purchase

This is already my second purchase, and the texture of the leather is very good and beautiful. The previous one lasted for a year, and I only changed it because I wanted to use Magsafe 🙈.