iPhone MagSafe 皮革保護殼 + MagSafe 卡套

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包括一個 iPhone MagSafe 手機殼及一個 MagSafe 卡套。為你的 iPhone 14 Pro / 14 提供額外空間之餘,亦增加色彩配搭的樂趣。卡套內置 MagSafe 磁吸功能,可輕易吸附所有 MagSafe 電話殼及取下。可放置兩張卡片,設計簡約實用。優質材料、12 種經典顏色、免費燙金刻字,製作出獨一無二的 iPhone 保護殼 + MagSafe 卡套組合。

* 皮革保護殼及MagSafe 銀包均可單獨購買。 按此購買

MagSafe 卡套
  • 重量:31.6克
  • 尺寸:高 9.3 厘米,闊 6.3 厘米,厚 0.6 厘米
  • iPhone保護殼
    • 重量:33克
    • 尺寸:高 15.1 厘米,闊 7.6 厘米,厚 2.3 厘米
    • 背板厚度:0.23 厘米

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Includes a MagSafe iPhone Case and a MagSafe Wallet. Both can be used independently, or can be paired up for maxmium functionality

Easy Attachment/ Removal

The Wallet can be removed quickly for charging and can be snapped back to your MagSafe case in seconds

Sleek & Lightweight

For lightness and minimum bulk

All-Rounded Protection

Protects your iPhone 360º by covering all its edges

Camera Bezel

To protect the lenses of the iPhone, we added a light gold bezel for functionality & aesthetics

Screen Protection

The MagSafe Case is slightly thicker than your iPhone, so it can work as a bezel and protect the screen from scratches

Enhanced Buttons

Light Gold buttons on the MagSafe Case for easier presses and a touch of luxury

Microfibre Lining

Protects your iPhone from the inside out

Extra Storage

Stores 2 cards so you can bring your essential cards and be ready to go

Easy Access

Cutout space at the back for easy access to your cards

Pebble Grain Leather

The grained texture is scratch resistant and also enhances the
grip. The cowhide leather we use is a natural material and may show creases, marks, or a patina over time

Color Mix n Match

12 color options for the iPhone Case and 12 for the MagSafe Wallet - so you can create a set in matching or contrasting colors


Complimentary personalization service with a monogram on both the iPhone Case and the MagSafe Wallet

Hot Foil Stamping

Your personalized monogram is done in gold foil embossing - entirely by hand - on the vintage Kingsley stamping machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jennifer S.
The best on the market!

I bought this MagSafe Wallet together with their Sleek MagSafe Leather Flip Cover, and they work together perfectly! Great if you want some extra room. I have asked their customer services team if the flip cover will work with their MagSafe Trifold Wallet too, and the answer is yes! I am going to order the trifold wallet too, so I can switch it up when needed.

I love the versatility!

The wallet works great with any MagSafe phone cases, and I enjoy using mine with their clear case which feels sturdy and protective. I bought the screen protector too which is a surprise for me, because it is easy to use, and seems to be of high quality.

Strong MagSafe Magnets

Strong MagSafe magnets, works great with my iPhone case.
It looks so great that I would like to repurchase!


I like the texture of the leather, and the design is very elegant. The option to engrave texts adds a personal touch, and I really like it! I originally wanted to buy another one for my partner, but there wasn't a suitable model. I hope there will be more styles available in the future! I will recommend it to friends.


Just received it and tried it on, so far I'm very satisfied! The color is also beautiful!