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Best of the best.....

Shipping was 10 days, I just received my Sleek iPhone 15 Pro leather case, the midnight blue color, monogrammed in gold gives the case a beautiful look ..with high-quality leather leaving a nice touch on the product. The clear case is also of good quality. I love this case and recommend it to everyone....

Fabulous! MagSafe Leather Flip Cover with Leather Case

Just received Macaroon MagSafe Leather Flip Cover with Leather Case in Sakura (nude pink colour) and screen saver. Love it! Beautiful design, really pleased. Delivery was only 5 days and I had my initials stamped on in gold, which was fab too.

Highly recommend!

I highly receommend this sceen protector. It is easy to use, and it does its job! I bought this with their iPhone Flip Cover Set a while ago, after about 3 months of use, I'd say I still love everything I bought. Saving tip: buy the iPhone case and you can get this screen protector at 50% off!

It is exactly what I want!

The AirPods case feels great to the touch, and the color is lovely. I bought the yellow one, and there are no color differences! I love it!

Great quality!

The leather is great! I love this set, especially the strap, I even use it with my leather bag somtimes, and it works great! The case looks luxurious, the fact that it is made of supple leather is a huge plus. I have a toddler to look after, so it is nice to carry my phone with a crossbody strap when we go out - I can free my hands to take care of my baby.

Great Bag!

I have always been a big leather lover. I own a MacBook Pro 14", and was always on the hunt for a good leather sleeve for it. So glad I finally found it! This leather MacBook Sleeve feels so soft to touch yet sturdy enough to provide great protection for my MacBook. The protective lining gives me peace of mind. My friend saw me using it once, loved it and went ahead and ordered one for herself. So I'd say go for it!

The best on the market!

I bought this MagSafe Wallet together with their Sleek MagSafe Leather Flip Cover, and they work together perfectly! Great if you want some extra room. I have asked their customer services team if the flip cover will work with their MagSafe Trifold Wallet too, and the answer is yes! I am going to order the trifold wallet too, so I can switch it up when needed.

The best on the market!

I love that it is slim and compact! The dented card pocket allows it staying slim and staying closed magnetically even with cards inserted. I also bought their MagSafe Wallet, and they work together perfectly! Great if you want some extra room. I have asked their customer services team if it will work with their MagSafe Trifold Wallet too, and the answer is yes! I am going to order the trifold wallet too, so I can switch it up when needed.

Wish it would stay closed magnetically

This would have been perfect if it could stay closed magnetically. I still love it none the less, because the leather feels superb! Now they have just launched a newer verison of MagSafe Flip Cover which will stay closed with a magnetic feature, also with a cutout part for the camera, how exciting! Just ordered the new version, can't wait to receive it.

Leather Notebook (L)
Thomas Cassidy
So nice!

I'd bought the cream leather journal, and all the nice things I said about it still apply. In fact it was so nice I had to get a couple more (in Ice and Midnight Blue).

Don't hesitate, just get one!

Very great leather!

I have had this leather case for about 2 months now. I have the one in black - can't recommend it enough! It looks nice and provides great protection for my phone. I think if you don't want to baby your iPhone case, black is the best option to go for. I have a white leather case from another brand before, it would eventually got stained a little as I sometimes keep my phone in my jeans pocket.

Innovative design!

I always love the idea of MagSafe since it has been launched by Apple! It allows me to always swap between accessories because I am a person who enjoys changes constantly. I stumbled upon this MagSafe Trifold Wallet one day and knew I had to have it - I am glad I did! It is slim, compact, minimal looking, and made of great leather!

Leather Notebook (L)
Thomas Cassidy
Stunning Quality!

I'm a sucker for a nice leather notebook, and this one is just wonderful! I'd previously got leather notebooks from not-another-bill and Aspinal of London, and this is on a par with those, and perhaps ever-so-slightly better quality wise. The leather is lovely, it's the perfect compromise of being the harder wearing pebble leather, but with a nice smooth finish to it.

Feel like getting the navy and ice ones now too.

Unique and great

It looks great with my iPad!
I will definitely recommend it.

I love the versatility!

The wallet works great with any MagSafe phone cases, and I enjoy using mine with their clear case which feels sturdy and protective. I bought the screen protector too which is a surprise for me, because it is easy to use, and seems to be of high quality.

A great MagSafe combo

I bought this instead of the other Flip Cover style because this one stay closed magnetically while the other doesn't. I have to say I am glad I chose this - it is really slim even with 2 cards inserted! It is so easy to snap on and off, perfect for a guy like me who carries the bare minimum.

Would recommend to others

The Flip Cover is so great because it is as sleek as its name suggests! And I personally prefer this style of leather iPhone case instead of the other one with the light gold hardware. I wish it could come in red color.

Great price for the quality

The quality is great for the discounted price. Thank you!

Strong Magnets

It is better than I expected! The MagSafe Magnets are very strong, which allows me to use it for various occasions. It also feels very sturdy and expensive.

It is made of high quality leather, looks great and protects my AirPods

It is very well made with luxurious leather, it feels more expensive than it is. I dropped my AirPods once from quite a height, and with this case on, my AirPods are totally free from any damages! I would recommend it to friends.

Don't miss out on the screen protector

The case is great as expected, but the screen protector surprises me! It is very easy to apply with the applicator, and it feels sturdy which makes me believe that it will protects my screen really well. I would buy it even at its regular price.

Great Product

It is great, and the dispatch was quick.
I am making a second purchase soon!

If you are still thinking, get it.

It is worth every penny! The design is aesthetically pleasing and very practical at the same time.